Today, I will be Grateful

I love waking up in the morning before the rest of my family when things are ever so quiet and still. I also love walking outside in these early hours to feel the earth and hear the crescendo of bird singing and laughter. This morning, I had another thought as well. As I appreciate these mornings, I also need to find a way to be grateful every day for something. In my life, I forget how grateful I should be with the immense blessings I’ve received in this life.

Over the past few months, I and my other associates at work have struggled through unexpected cut backs. I say unexpected as there was great surprise when it happened and many conversations around ‘why’ have continued on almost a daily basis since the somewhat nonchalant announcement? The discussions of why, at least for me, too often end up rolling into a big pile of disgust where I end up being the victim in this story. While this may take me down a path that fully blames others for the situation, what good does that do for me over the long run? It takes me from a mindful and aware state to one where the primary character is bad ego. This inhibits creativity and ultimately my ability to do great things.

Today I’m stopping this.

I’ll begin every day forward with at least one grateful thought. Today, in the mist of a humid Mississippi morning, I’m grateful for my home and the property it occupies. I live very close to a college campus, in the middle of what seems like my own urban jungle. I have birds everywhere and we do our best to give to them what they give us. Every morning and evening, their songs fill the air with a virtual symphony of sound. I can sit there for what seems like hours just absorbing this natural orchestra of sounds.

Being grateful for this home and property also brings me back to my work. How can I be grateful for my property without being grateful for my job and career? In short, I really can’t. What I can do is be a much more mindful leader and do everything within my power to improve our business for the improvement of not only its financial performance but the culture that ultimately creates the soul of an organization which too often is only paid lip service in the quarterly results driven world. Without culture and an engaged workforce; however, there may be no quarterly results and this topic could take up a whole book.

I’ll gratefully attack this tomorrow! Enjoy your day.